One Month / Primer Mes

Hello Hello…. Yesterday was your first month!!! congratulations, now you’re going to add and sum days.. I’m sorry that we did not do anything special for you… no party, no cake …. but believe me… we, are still celebrating since the day you born!! We celebrate each day!! it’s still amazing seeing you every day […]

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Guerrilla Time / Dando Guerra

Wow!!!! You have 3 days on “guerrilla mode”, crying and begging for food…. but you were eating well… You are gaining weight… you have 27 days and you are on 3,470 kg and let me tell you are a “Larguilucho” you are on 54 cm. So, you were on guerrilla mode only to obtain those […]

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When you were born…

First of all…. We were waiting for you since ever!!! When I first saw you… you where in a tunnel going out for first time ever (Everything for you is first time ever… you are a brand new human being…. that’s just incredible!!)… When you where ready, you start preparing you way out at 11:00 […]

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You changed our lives!!!

The day that you was born your father was more than happy. Your dad cried with happiness and pride. I have never seen that expresion   before in his face. Since December he was desperate to meet you and have you in his arms. You have been the most beautiful I’ve done in my life and […]

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