When you were born…


First of all…. We were waiting for you since ever!!!

When I first saw you… you where in a tunnel going out for first time ever (Everything for you is first time ever… you are a brand new human being…. that’s just incredible!!)…

When you where ready, you start preparing you way out at 11:00 pm of 22th of December…. but you finally made it at 23th of December exactly at 1:56 pm… lets said 2:00… first time I saw you I was kind of blurry… (I was crying of happiness)…. there is a picture of that moment… is a magic picture because you were on table ( Bandeja ) and you are still cover of what you have inside mom, there is a light into your body to give keep you warn, and of course…. you was crying… I have not idea of what to do with you or how to handled you… but I take you as a master and take you to your mom and you become calm with her.

I’m not going to enter in details, because you were practically crying most of the time, and when not… you were eating… but after you born, the take you to nursery a little bit, they check you… you were OK… and take you to our room with us… your room if you wanna play lottery… (we didn’t)… was room 261…  your grandmother Lola, and your aunt Isabel were also that day…. remember that you born a way far where your father and mother born and our complete family lives… so here where we live you only have us (mom and dad)… but you will see that we have a  very nice group of people that are truly good friends… and they have also kids as you to later play with.

We stay in the hospital 3 days… and as you should know we spent Christmas day’s in the hospital…. it was weird… but you made magic… and believe us… it was a perfect Christmas…. you were the perfect Christmas present.

See ya…


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