Month of Daddy Day Care / Mes de Papi Canguro

Hello Jota…

Almost 2 weeks with me full time taking care of you… (during working hours) to be honest is a full job… but is full of satisfaction… your smile is one of the best thing you can give right now!

Last weekend you aunt isa was with us, and you enjoy a lot of her company, she play with you and made some videos of you two, you will see it them… ask her about those videos. talking about Isas… we also went to isabella’s birthday, you enjoy with the other kids… and then you get sleepy… and finally fall slept.

Our daily routine is… wake up around 6 or 7 in the morning, then you eat with mom. then we watch tv ( lazy town and Doraemon) while a take my breakfast in the ground with you, then mommy go to work, and we went to take a walk in the beach, then we comeback and you eat again… then you fight to get sleep while we read a book, we play in bed or take a walk in the house… when you fall slept… I write this… or prepare lunch… we take lunch with mom…. so I prepare a picnic to eat in the car near mom office… you also eat there….

I will later write in spanish and finish our routine…. you are wake  up and calling me…. ( it will be in other post)


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