Long pause / Pausa Larga

It’s been a while since the last post, I will try to explain why this pause. Back in your parents country (Venezuela) 5 months ago lots of rallies against the government starts, and thousands of people take the street and protest, and hundreds of young people were killed fighting against the pseudo called police and Venezuelan army. The Venezuela GNB using lethal force kill the youngest and the future of Venezuela. So these days were sad days, and I was consuming my time watching the news and trying to understand how to help from overseas, we made some donations and pray, our friends and part of our family were there and still in Venezuela, so we were anxious about the situation. You will learn about Venezuela when you grow up, but these days were sad days, and a today’s date the problem, the crisis and the problem still there, so no solution was found.

Sorry for this pause… let’s resume this five months, we had the same routine, to go from Wednesday to Friday to the park by bike. Since Chama came we change it a little bit, and we go to the park only on Thursday, Wednesday we go walking with Chama to a dog park when we meet some other dogs like Rojo, Oscar, Javi.  Fridays we take a little walk with Chama but to a playground near home and then come back home, take lunch and then go the city. Typically, you take a nap on the bus, and when you wake up, we normally are in the zoo or the aquarium and then we meet mummy and take dinner at the harbour.

3 months ago I found a Job and everything change! Now you are going 4 days to child care, and we still convince you every day to go there, you don’t like to go, but at the end, you enjoy it because you play with others kid and others toys. Thursday we stay at home, and your mummy or I with the help of a nanny spend the day at home.

I will later write to you about the terrible twos. Believe me, you are building your personality, and you have a strong character that we just want to guide!




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