Long pause / Pausa Larga

It’s been a while since the last post, I will try to explain why this pause. Back in your parents country (Venezuela) 5 months ago lots of rallies against the government starts, and thousands of people take the street and protest, and hundreds of young people were killed fighting against the pseudo called police and […]

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Boxing Kid / Niño Peleon

Hello hello, Two years and 4 months and let me talk you are a fighter!!! Lately, you are in your days, I don’t know why but you are pretty “mano suelta” what I’m trying to say it is that you fight or hit us as a kid, off course because of nothing. We are playing, […]

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Jota, four months has happened since we arrived in Sydney. We have recognized that you are the one that is better adapted and enjoying a lot. On weekends we usually have breakfast in the back garden. Your daddy and you have started to feed all the pias(birds) in the neighborhood. It is nice to see how […]

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